Reasons to love Surat Thani!

Sean Donovan

1. You can travel anywhere in the country really, really quickly.

2. Everything is cheap

3. Off the tourist trail

4. It's still Thai but it has most of the amenities you could ever want

5. Movie Theater

6. A really tight expat community with a happening social scene

7. Thai and expat people are really kind

8. An hour from amazing beaches

9. Nice gyms

10. Housing is pretty much as cheap as you want it to be

There's just so much to love!!


Christel Chappell

Everyone is so kind! I have never had a bad encounter. When I go to a local place, even a couple of times, they try to learn the tiniest bit of English so they can speak with me. People cheer me on or join me when I exercise outdoors. They always try to get their kids talking to me too, which is great, so I'll pause for a moment to have a chat. They offer to teach me how to cook certain dishes if I want, or show me the way to cool spots or teach me some of the language. Surat itself is very urban and country. I love how you can see so many different aspects of it in just one street block. Surat is awesome! Not only that but it is the jumping off point for the most beautiful islands and beaches. I love Surat!


April Parks, Lauren Rosborough, Caitlin “Kiki” Matson, and Candace Lee

-Surat is a good location to travel

- Cost of living is affordable

- Surat is a safe city, and the local people are very friendly and helpful

- There is a good ex-pat community

- There is a whole island dedicated for exercise

- There are plenty of festivals throughout the year

- There is a great number of bars and restaurant to choose from

- Surat offers the authentic Thai culture experience while giving you the same western amenities

- There is a local river that you has many activities such as kayaking, firefly boats, jet skiing, the pier with a variety of local cuisine and drinks, and night boats that take you to the islands.

- There are many modes of transportation, from local tuk tuks and motor bikes, to buses, trains and planes to take you around Thailand or to surrounding countries.