Terrance Masso, Teacher

“I worked at STIS for about a year after working at a few different schools in Thailand. It is clear that they really care about the progress and development of the students as well as the comfort and development of the staff. We were constantly given support by management as well as all the Thai staff. Each class is given a Thai teacher that is always in the room for support. Any materials we asked for we were always given within a very timely manner. There are numerous teacher outings paid for by the school. This was by far the best school I have worked for in Thailand.”

Yam Choopong, Parent

“I am a parent of two students at STIS. Choosing STIS was an easy decision. My sons enjoy going to school and settled quickly with this caring environment. Rather than comparing students with one another, teachers focus on the progress of each child. According to my sons, learning is fun! We appreciate the love that all teachers and staffs have for our sons.”

Daniel Kunkel, parent

“Suratthani International School is easily the best and truly the only good option for international students living in Surat Thani. STIS provides high-quality education following the California curriculum. Classroom sizes are small to allow adequate time for personal interactions focused on individual students’ needs.
The school has proven capable of elevating second language learners to near native speakers' fluency. I have observed the Thai students communicating entirely in English with each other even when not at school. English becomes their language of play which reinforces their language abilities and proves the school’s methods are successful.
I have taught in numerous English Programs throughout Thailand for nearly 15 years and the STIS students easily surpass the learning outcomes of their EP peers. It is no exaggeration to say my daughter's Thai classmates' English in Grade 3 is far superior to that of a typical EP student in Grade 9.
If you want your child to excel in English language skills, not only speaking and listening but also reading and writing, then Surat Thani International School is the only school you should consider.”

Meredith Gallinger, Teacher

“STIS is a school that focuses on a positive work environment and student happiness and well being. The staff are all engaged with those goals in mind. The staff are friendly and kind and the students are wonderful. Teaching expectations are high but you are given creative freedom with your class. The support is there if needed or wanted. I find it an excellent school to strengthen my teaching skills. Classes are small (ranging from 7-20) which makes teaching and getting to know and understand each students needs easy. The students are wonderful! I am able to get feedback on my teaching when desired and the work environment is open so teachers often share ideas for their classrooms.
The Management is good, fair, and when circumstances arise Peter is understanding and accommodating. Peter has always treated me fairly and with respect. In contrast to the other managers and directors from other schools in Thailand I have worked for, he is far more professional and sympathetic.
Surat Thani town is a great city with few tourists while still having the attractions of a larger city. It's a travel hub to many destinations in Southern Thailand. It offers really good food, cheap cost of living and easy access to beautiful beaches and mountains. I've been working at STIS for over a year now and the atmosphere continues to build into something very unique. This second year the staff has focused on creating a positive, innovative, and safe space for children.”

Natwaran Hanvananont, parent


“I am a parent of 2 STIS students. My 4 year experience with the school has been very positive. The school’s constantly developing and thriving to be the best in Surat Thani. The teachers and staffs are caring and dedicated, which makes STIS a good environment for young students and teachers who seek international educational experience in southern Thailand.”

Taylor Sruba, Teacher


“I taught at STIS from 2017 - 2018, after having taught at other schools in Surat Thani. STIS was a refreshing change! The work environment was clean and the school provided plenty of supplies and resources. The teachers and staff were all friendly and helpful. We were like a family! I definitely would have continued on at STIS if I had stayed in Surat Thani longer. It’s a great place to work!!”

Sumet Saekhow, parent


“I am a parent of student at STIS. My daughter is in the Bears classroom. Now she is in K2. I am so glad to be a part of STIS. STIS is the only international school in Suratthani town, but STIS still keeps moving and improving all the time. The academics are of the same standards as other American schools in Thailand.
The environment at STIS is great. It has a nice garden that is good for the students to play around in. I hope STIS will help my daughter Nada improve in both EQ and IQ.”