Surat Thani International School (STIS – is Surat Thani’s first international school!  It is owned and run by the same management team as Super English Language School (  As always, we strive to be the very best school for teachers and students! 

We are looking for positive and enthusiastic individuals to teach an American-based curriculum to the fun-loving children of Surat Thani.  Teachers spend a large portion of each school day with one small class of young learners. You are able to create real relationships with your kids.  The students are well behaved, intelligent, and eager to learn!  We provide plenty of resources, top quality textbooks and supplemental materials, Thai teaching assistants, a modern and air-conditioned learning environment, teacher empowerment, a teamwork mentality, and a focus on collaboration and creativity!

At STIS, we are a group of passionate people dedicated to teaching our students.  We work hard because we love to teach and believe in what we are doing.  Our teachers are given freedom and individual responsibility in how they want to structure class time and implement curriculum.  The working environment is friendly, supportive, and relaxed. We give our teachers the time and space they need to develop their class while offering support any time they want or need it.  There is at least one Thai teaching assistant in every class.

Surat Thani means “the city of good people” and is a medium size Thai city with a small town feel.  In Surat, you can enjoy a true Thai cultural experience while having easy access to western conveniences.  The people are peaceful, welcoming, and friendly.  The smiles are real.  Surat Thani is known as the hub of the South and is ideally located for easy weekend trips to any of the famous Thai islands and beaches.  The food in Surat is known as being some of the best in the country.  Surat Thani is not a tourist destination.  It is a very nice place to live with opportunities to experience real Thailand.

These positions are specifically tailored for those who enjoy being creative while teaching, are comfortable in a professional organization, like to laugh and have fun in the classroom, are adaptable and positive, and are ready to work hard to make sure the students experience an enjoyable and productive time while learning.  We are looking for individuals who have a passion for teaching young children and do not hesitate to put energy, enthusiasm, and positivity into their daily routine.

The starting date for these positions is mid-June, 2018.

To learn more about our school, including articles, testimonials, photos, videos and more, please visit our website:

We offer:

- 30,000 baht per month flat salary during probation (up to two months)

- 35,000 baht per month for the remainder of the first semester

- 40,000 baht per month for the second semester

            Total salary for a full contract year: 365,000+ baht

- 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. workday M-F

- minimum amount of paperwork

- small class sizes (maximum 18 kids per class)

- one year contract

- 3 week fully paid Christmas break

- 1 week fully paid break in April

- in addition, all national holidays paid (approximately 10 days)

- all one year visas provided by the school

- 2 months low-cost accommodation in a shared, furnished house

- full training

- full support throughout your entire contract

- free Thai language lessons

- monthly school sponsored fun event, such as dinners, parties, a Thai dancing lesson, Thai boxing lesson, Thai cooking lesson, etc.

- comprehensive orientation

A successful applicant will have the following qualities:

- hard-working and professional

- flexible and positive

- patient and open-minded

- passionate about education and teaching

- energetic and creative

We can only accept applications from American English speakers who have a university degree.

To apply for this position, please send an email with your attached RESUME, CURRENT PHOTO, UNIVERSITY DIPLOMA SCAN, as well as RESPONSES to the questions below to

What experience have you had in teaching?

What is your approach to teaching?

What experience have you had living and working in another country?

Where are you from in the United States?

Have you traveled in Thailand before?

Is there anything else you would like us to know about you?

When can you begin working with Surat Thani International School?


Comments from our current teachers:

“Becoming a teacher at STIS was the best career move I could have made. This is my second year at STIS for over a year and I still find the work extremely rewarding and enjoyable.  STIS has given me the perfect teaching environment for me to develop as a teacher. The STIS team have been superb in providing me with support which I have relished and learned so much from. The whole atmosphere surrounding the school is so positive and makes your work life at STIS so fulfilling.   As well the empowering ethos that STIS promotes, the freedom, the flexibility, the friendly, and supportive environment make it a very rare and remarkable school to work at.” – Marcus Wykes, Grade 2 and 3 teacher, 2nd year at STIS

“Surat Thani International School is a great place to work for many reasons but the one I enjoy most is the bond we as teachers are able to make with the students, parents, and other staff members. We are a smaller, more focused school allowing us the time to really get to know our students and their parents.  Recently the teachers have been meeting after school in the school gym to engage in different exercise programs of the teacher’s choice, which really helps with overall health and getting to know everyone.  Something else that I really like is that we are a fairly new school and we are invited to have an impact on a lot of the decisions made for the school. We have short meetings in the mornings allowing us to stay up to date with all that is happening and voice our own opinions.  Yet another positive and rare aspect of the school is the freedom we have to take control of our class and our daily lessons. While our Director is always available for any questions, help with resources, or to deal with any issues, we are really given our own space to maximize our creativity.  Working at STIS is both challenging and rewarding and is constantly progressing in a positive and exciting direction.  I look forward to being a part of it!”  – Terrance Masso, Nursery Teacher, 2nd year at STIS

“Working here at STIS is like no other teaching experience I've ever encountered.  Yes, there is a phenomenal support network of teachers and staff, an immaculate facility, a ton of resources, and teacher empowerment, but what makes me absolutely delighted to come to work every day are the students.  The passion and motivation pulsating through their little brains each day make them a joy to teach.  I work with many different age levels at this school and with each class I am met with motivation and talent.  I'm lucky to work here with such a remarkable student body.  A teacher can truly make a difference in the lives of the students here.” – Steph O’Bryan, Grade 2 teacher

“At STIS I have been provided with the resources, flexibility, and support to effectively teach my students. It is extremely gratifying to see results from them and know how far they have come since the beginning of the year. I love working with my kids and the classroom we have created together! In addition, because of the sense of community at STIS I am excited to come into work every day. I can count on my co-workers to help me with classroom details, brainstorm new ideas, or just have a good laugh. I truly enjoy being a part of the STIS teaching team!” – Taylor Sruba, Kindergarten teacher

“Working at STIS has been a great experience! As my first teaching position I couldn't ask for a better set up. STIS has more than enough resources and support to help any teacher, new or seasoned, teach to the best of their abilities.  The kids at STIS are very fun and very smart, they work hard and play hard and will ultimately leave you smiling at the end of the day. I couldn't be happier with my position at STIS and the school and would encourage anyone to experience it for themselves!” – Kevin Wolfe, Kindergarten teacher

“Working at STIS this semester has given me a completely different outlook on what education can be like. Coming from working at a charter school in California just last year, I can see the huge difference between an education that is simply geared towards profit and an education that is geared towards creativity and building a love for learning, which is the way STIS approaches everything.  I started at STIS in mid-January of 2017 and I feel that the transition from working back home to working here in Surat has been so much easier than I would have expected.  Everyone I have met has only shown me warmth and kindness, including my students!  I have received so much guidance and assistance from other teachers that are at STIS, as well as teachers that are just living in Surat.  The local Thai people are the same way; only sharing their hospitality and their smiles on their faces. I also feel that Peter really takes into consideration the things that I have to say and really works on finding collaborative solutions to whatever issues or questions that arise.  Everything about Surat and the STIS has been wonderfully smooth sailing!” – Aida Woldegiorgis, Grade 1 teacher

“We’re lucky at STIS to have a great Thai staff who are an unbelievable help in the classroom every single day! They assist us in so many ways from help with lessons and classroom management, to taking care of the children’s physical needs so we can focus on teaching, as the English teacher leads the class the majority of the day. They are a huge support, without which we could not provide the safe and nurturing environment we are known for. They are also very welcoming to us ‘farang’ (foreign) teachers! They are always willing to talk about Thai culture, invite us to go on trips or to hang out, and answer any questions we have about holidays and customs. They are also very curious about where we come from, and eager to pick up English vocabulary and phrases! I’ve gotten to know my Thai teachers pretty well since we spend so much time together and I can honestly say I could not do my job without them!  We are also lucky to have a tight-knit group of foreign teachers at the school who are all dedicated to providing a great environment for the students.  It’s easy to see that we all take pride in our classes and really care about ‘our kids’! Many of us eat lunch together, motivate each other to work out after school, and travel together on the weekends as well. All of this makes for a supportive and fun work environment at STIS!” – Cati Vanden Breul, Kindergarten teacher, 2nd year at STIS

“STIS provides a great balance of direction and freedom for teachers in regards to the curriculum teachers must get through. Each teacher is given a set of books that he/she must work through with their students which provides a good amount of structure and direction in the planning process; however, how each teacher gets through that material and what they use to supplement it is entirely up to the teacher. This is great for me and the other teachers at STIS because it allows me to be flexible in my lessons and teaching strategies. As I get to know my students more and more and see how they learn best, I am able to incorporate activities and lessons plans that will be most effective for my class. Aside from a great set of textbooks, STIS provides a plethora of incredible resources for all grade levels. I am certainly never at a loss for ideas when beginning to teach a new topic. There are several book, worksheet, flashcard, and digital resource centers that teachers can choose from. The other STIS teachers are an incredible resource as well. There is a great team of teachers who are always willing to share materials and ideas. I truly am thankful for the awesome team I work with! Peter, the school’s director, is also always available to help and provide direction or ideas when you need it. If I have any questions about the textbooks or other resources at the school, he is always quick to do his best to find an answer. With the solid direction provided through the textbooks and the vast amount of resources available to teachers, STIS creates the perfect environment for its teachers to be successful and truly enjoy the work they do. If you’re considering moving to Thailand to teach, whether it’s your first time teaching abroad or your twentieth, I would most definitely recommend Surat Thani International School.” – Megan Farmer, Kindergarten teacher, First semester quote

“Working at STIS has been an incredible experience! From day one the kids stole my heart. They are fun, sweet, and very curious learners. The staff here is incredible and greatly supportive too! I have enjoyed the whole full experience of working here. Thailand is a beautiful country and STIS is an incredible school filled with talented teachers and students. It always amazes me just how smart the students are and how much they love learning. Peter is super helpful as well! He provides you with a great deal of freedom to use your own teaching methods in the classroom and he is always there if you need any kind of support. I am beyond blessed to have had the opportunity to work at STIS, which will make it all the more difficult say “goodbye” at the end of this year. But this is an experience I will cherish for a lifetime. I have learned so much about myself through moving to Thailand and teaching at STIS. If you’re thinking about applying and moving to Thailand, do it! You’ll be amazed by the incredible people you meet and the awesome time you will have teaching this precious group of students.” – Megan Farmer, Kindergarten teacher, Second semester quote

“My operating principle has always been “Teachers make the school”.  At STIS, we welcome teachers and entrust them with their own class to teach it the way they think is best.  There is always support and collaboration available but here we really let teachers teach.  It’s your classroom.  You have flexibility in how to teach, how to manage the class, what supplemental materials to bring in, and how to structure the time you have with the kids.  I don’t believe in paperwork, which is an administrative euphemism for oversight and lack of trust.  I believe in positive communication, teamwork, and productivity in the classroom.  We support our teachers 100% and trust them to do their best every day for their kids.  And they do!  As a result, our school continues to grow while the quality of teaching continues to rise.  We care about our teachers and do as much as we can to empower them so that their creativity in the classroom and teachers’ office can easily flow.  Teaching becomes fun and rewarding because you can truly connect with your students and really see their development as a direct result of your efforts!” – Peter C. Meltzer, Grade 3 teacher and founder   

Comments from our former teachers:

“Living and teaching in Thailand has changed my life. I've learned so much about myself as a teacher and a person.  I was originally supposed to be here for 8 months and its now been just over 2 and a half years. I never thought I would fall in love with this country when I first accepted the job offer, but I haven't wanted to leave since I arrived.  Thailand itself is a beautiful country and full of adventure and new experiences. The food is amazing and the people are caring and kindhearted.  STIS has played a big role in my experience.  The school is very comfortable and my students and coworkers feel like part of my family. Everyone here is friendly and willing to help out in any situation.  I have also been able to grow so much as a teacher here in Thailand. At STIS we have a supportive management team and creative teachers that are always willing to share ideas and help each person succeed in the classroom. I love having so much flexibility within the classroom.  Thanks for everything STIS!!” – Candace Lee

“I have been living in Suratthani, Thailand, for just over 2 years now. I can honestly say it's been one of the greatest times of my life.  Because of the excellent professionalism of STIS, I never worry about paperwork being mishandled, something not being ready when it's supposed to be, or issues with communication. Removing that stressful concern from my mind has made my time in Thailand all the more enjoyable. I genuinely enjoy my work and my coworkers. It feels very much like a family.  I work with the K2 level at STIS and they are absolutely wonderful. The smaller class sizes of STIS really offer a more personalized style of learning, ensuring each child gets the absolute most out of their education. We genuinely care for our kids at STIS and aim to give them the best learning experience possible.  I have thoroughly enjoyed the time I have spent here! The community of Thais and expats alike are a wonderful people. Everyone I have encountered has been super helpful with anything I have needed. This aside, the food is incredible, the culture is intriguing, and the location of Suratthani itself is ideal for popping over to some beautiful beaches and islands. There is a ton to see and do around Thailand, but if you're looking for more, it's also not too difficult to bounce to some other countries and enjoy some other cultures. I've dreamed about traveling across the world since I was a child, and I'm perfectly glad I chose Thailand as my first destination." – Christel Chappell

"Getting the chance to work at Surat Thani International School (STIS), which was recently opened by Super English, has been a great opportunity for me.  In addition to working with a great crew of people, I've been able to see the school grow and develop from conception to reality.  The students are amazing as well.  Being able to see their progress and develop relationships with them has been the highlight of my time with the school. Super English and STIS are quality organizations and I couldn't imagine my time in Thailand without their help and support." – Sean Donovan

“Teaching at STIS is a rewarding and challenging experience. The K1 students are some of the most energetic children at the school and always keep me on my toes. They are excited to participate in every activity from finding shapes to playing hopscotch and every day their English improves. It's a joy to watch them grow. The city of Surat Thani is surrounded by a lot of natural beauty that's easy to access. The night boats to the islands sail daily from Bandon pier in town and mini buses go to Khao Sok national park and Phuket several times a day. It's a great location to explore southern Thailand from. Along with a great school and great location we also have a fantastic Thai staff. They have helped me in the classroom and outside. My Thai teachers always make sure I know about the Thai holidays and include me in the celebrations. They really make me feel like part of the community.” – Aleya Staggs

“I'm so glad to have found and been welcomed into the family of educators here at STIS!  Every teacher here is clearly devoted to the work of serving our community with professionalism, enthusiasm, skill, heart, passion, and unique talent.  I am the newest member of the faculty here and the amount of support and encouragement I've received (both at work and outside school walls) has been absolutely wonderful. STIS teachers come to the table with their very own collections of experience, ideas, ideals, philosophies, and expertise.  We take advantage of that fact by having consistent check-ins and exchanges about student progress, classroom and school wide happenings.  What is most impressive to me is that regardless of our varied ways to approach teaching, everyone here is unquestionably committed to giving our kids the best, everyday, and to having a good time while doing it!!” – Danielle Craig

 “I was initially with a different agency when I came to Thailand. There was no communication or leadership within that company. I was very distraught, especially being in a foreign country. Now at STIS, I am much happier in Thailand and love my job. The kids are great, my colleagues are awesome, and the whole staff is so supportive. I'm so happy I found STIS!” – April Parks

“I knew before graduating university I wanted to come back to Thailand to teach English. I found Super English by chance and would never want to work anywhere else.  Super English is a communicative and reliable agency with the sincere purpose to contribute to students’ educational foundation, while still providing teachers with unbelievable experiences. Being placed at Surat Thani International School has given me the opportunity to teach the perfect age group in small sized classes, making it possible to work with your students in a one-to-one setting. Though I have just started working at STIS, the school atmosphere has made me feel at home instantly by being supportive and welcoming.   STIS also assists with visa runs, making the process to get your paperwork simple and trouble-free. The salary allows you to live well within your means, still giving you the capability to travel around the Thailand and neighboring countries.  Surat Thani is a perfect location in Thailand, close to many of the islands and only a short hour and a half plane ride to Bangkok. There is also a community of teachers within Surat Thani, giving new-comers a network of foreigners from all parts of the world, while still allowing you to be immersed in Thai culture. Thailand, a country dubbed land of smiles, will put one on your face daily.” – Caitlin Matson

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