Nathan Chowwiwat Administrative Assistant & Teacher

My transition to Surat Thani was probably not as hard as most people coming from the United States as I have lived in Thailand before when I was younger. But I believe that if you have traveled, lived, or worked in Thailand before, you’ll find that the Surat Thani community is very friendly and easy integrating into. At the time when I received my acceptance to work at Surat Thani International School, I also had 3 other offers on the table for schools all over Thailand. Because the salary was pretty much the same between all the job offers, I looked at other factors such as location, school and city reviews, local activities, and cost of living. I came to the conclusion that Surat Thani was the best choice in regards to all of these factors and I’m glad that I chose STIS. 

When I first applied to Surat Thani International School, I was fresh out of college and only had a vague idea of what I wanted to do. I started out in more of an administrative position but got more into teaching throughout the year. My skills from college and prior work experiences translated well into my new responsibilities at STIS, but I was able to learn so much more on the job. Through my roles at STIS, I was able to discover new interests and am now pursuing a Master’s Degree in Education with an emphasis on Education Administration at Chiang Mai University. 

My first impressions of STIS exceeded all of my expectations. I knew that it was a fairly new school having only been in its 4th year of operation at the time, but the amount of progress made by the school in those 4 years were incredible, and during the time that I was there for its 5th year of operation, we were able to accomplish so much as a team. Despite not having been a full-time teacher, I was still able to develop a genuine bond with the students through classes, events, and after school activities. I have really high hopes for the future of the school and have no doubt that future teachers will continue to make the school a better place. 

I highly recommend applying to STIS whether you are a seasoned educator, or just starting off your career. It was a rewarding experience that helped me develop personally and professionally.