Surat Thani International school is not like any other school in Surat Thani. The kids are amazing at STIS.  They made my experience in Thailand so much more incredible. They are kind, sweet, and funny. I had so many ‘proud teacher’ moments and I loved seeing them learn and grow.   They evolve so much throughout the year. For example, at the beginning of the year the students could write 1-2 pages for a story.  (wasn't full sentences or in order).  Now, the students can write 3-5 pages in an orderly fashion. The kids at STIS are so smart that I often forget how young and small they are.  The kids aren't afraid of a challenge and love to learn.  I loved working with the kids.  The students are absolutely lovely. 

As a teacher you go through ups and downs.  If I had any concerns or problem, I could always count on Peter to help or give me ideas.  Peter is a great mentor and will give as much help as you need. Peter’s expectations are high but he really wants the best for the kids and wants them to have the best education.

Once you get the hang of teaching, you get through the required materials quickly, that means you can teach them more materials. You can supplement their learning by showing them videos and having extra activities on the subject you are teaching.  At STIS it is easy to print off worksheets or download videos to show your class. This allows the teacher to experiment with different learning styles. (Auditory, visual, kinesthetic, interpersonal and intrapersonal).

I will never forget my experiences at STIS. I loved every minute of it!