STIS is a school that focuses on a positive work environment and student happiness and well being. The staff are all engaged with those goals in mind. The staff are friendly and kind and the students are wonderful. Teaching expectations are high but you are given creative freedom with your class. The support is there if needed or wanted. I find it an excellent school to strengthen my teaching skills. Classes are are small (ranging from 6-20) which makes teaching and getting to know and understand each students needs easy. I am able to get feedback on my teaching when desired and the work environment is open so teachers often share ideas for their classrooms. This is my second year with STIS and I will be returning for a third. The school facilities are excellent, boasting a science lab, full library, art rooms, game rooms, a large garden, and a large gymnasium. My experience with both western and Thai staff has been extremely positive.

Surat Thani city is an excellent place to live due to its relative closeness with touristy areas, without being a touristy area itself. Surat is a travel hub to many destinations Southern Thailand; Koh Samui, Koh Phangan, Koh Tao, Krabi, Nakhon, Khao Sok National park are all relatively close for easy weekend or long weekend destinations. Surat itself is very Thai, with a small but close western community. The cost of living is very cheap and the food is spectacular. I would encourage any teacher looking for a unique experience to consider STIS!