My time in Surat has been truly amazing. Since I moved to Thailand in April 2017 I have been so grateful to my past self for taking the leap and moving to Surat. There is a great community of teachers and the town is in the perfect location to travel around Thailand. It is more traditional than other popular teaching destinations, which makes it an immersive experience. The food here is excellent, and the Thai people are helpful and kind. Surat Thani has become a second home for me, and though I originally planned on staying only one year I decided to stay for a second and third year because I'm not ready to leave nor do I want to.

STIS is an excellent place to work! There are small class sizes that let us have more creative freedom to do more interactive activities. The classes are fun, fast paced, and versatile which makes teaching exciting and challenges me to think of fun ways to teach the curriculum.

I find that I am constantly learning, improving my teaching style and classroom management techniques in a way I would not get to in other educational environments. STIS is built to help teachers grow as educators and provide the best for our students. It is not a walk in the park, and the expectations here are high. We have a lot of responsibilities to attend to, but as an educator I enjoy it. I thrive with a challenge, and I have freedom to figure out the best instructional methods for my class that still coincide with our curriculum.

My students are a huge part of my life in Surat and I love getting to watch them grow and am often excited to get in the classroom to teach them new things or help them create projects and do research on things that interest them. Out Coworkers are also great support. If we need an idea or have a question someone will know the answer. The Thai teachers are also a great with helping us settle in to Thai life.

I also enjoy getting to be a part of laying the foundation for future generations of teachers at STIS. STIS has helped me find a passion for teaching beyond anything I thought possible. If you are looking for a place that has awesome students and challenge yourself as an educator then STIS is the right place for you.