"Having never taught at a Kindergarten level before moving to Surat Thani I was nervous! But K3 was such a cool age to teach! It's when they really start becoming students and developing problem solving and logic skills as they prepare the building blocks and fundamentals for grade 1. My class, the Hamsters, are a bunch of energetic monkeys that wormed there way into the deepest pockets of my heart. And that can be extended to all of the classes as well. All the kids are so special at STIS and will always put a smile on your face! Only teaching for a year was very hard having to say good bye to them at the end. Similarly, Peter, Jeab, the staff and both Western and Thai teachers were so incredible with my Thailand transition. The admin staff will go above and beyond if you have any questions translating/finding things. I was hired late in the game as a Hamster teacher, and Kru Ying (my Thai teacher) essentially became by Thai mom. She was my go to for any questions about Surat, where to eat, where to go, and teaching me some Thai! I lucked out with my partner in crime and will be forever thankful for her support not only as a teacher but as a friend.  The staff at STIS are a true representation of how kind Thai people can be! I'd be lying if I said there was a lot to do in Surat Thani as a town, however what I CAN say is that the people you meet and other teachers make it worth it. I made lifelong friends here that I will take with me wherever I go next. Surat is close enough to the islands, Khanom, or even Krabi that you can spend most of your weekends touring around southern Thailand and there are enough breaks to get in northern Thailand and other Asian countries as well! The food in Surat is unreal. I feel like I just ate...everything. Try it all! The things I learned about myself, working with others, and working with kids are lessons I will take with me into the next chapter of my life. And I will be forever thankful for people I met, and the experiences I had during my time at STIS."