My experience at STIS has been nothing short of exceptional. The teachers, staff, and students are like a big family, which is something I don’t take for granted living so far from home. With no more than 20 students in each class, I was able to get to know every student in the school over the course of one year. The kids are encouraged to learn in an open, creative, challenging environment where they can thrive in whatever area they find interesting. Their English levels are far beyond any other school in the area and this is a direct result of the school’s core values and high expectations.

I began working for Peter in April 2017 through Super English at a Thai school in Surat Thani. He was helpful, supportive, and flexible and made me feel at ease in my first year of teaching. When he offered me a position at his international school for the following year, I was a little intimidated. This job would have much higher standards, a heavier work load, and I would have a class of 18 kindergarteners all to myself. I quickly realized, after touring the school and meeting the Rabbits, that this was the perfect opportunity for me to grow as a teacher. It was the best decision I have ever made.

STIS has so many advantages over working at a Thai school. We have a great deal of flexibility in the classroom, while still having Peter and the other teachers as a support system when needed. We have all of the resources we could ever need and are set up for success from the start. The school schedule is organized and well planned and we are included in many major decisions regarding events, resources, activities, etc. Most importantly, I was able to get to know each of my students on a personal level and teach them in whatever way I felt was best for their needs and interests.

I am so grateful to have had this opportunity and I would recommend this school to anyone that is looking for an exciting challenge and a chance to be a part of an incredible team of educators!