Surat Thani International School is a great school to work at! This is my second year at the school and I will be staying for a third year! I enjoy working here because I have formed genuine relationships with both my students and my Thai teachers. I have 20 students in my class so the classes are small here and I enjoy being a home room teacher as you get to know each student on a personal level. You get to know them so well as you are with them every day of every week; they bring lots of happiness and joy to my job and that’s why I love coming to work! 

STIS is a modern school and has a totally different feel than the Thai schools in the area! I feel like I can adapt my teaching styles here and experiment and explore different ways to teach which is more exciting for the students! I am given flexibility in the classroom but also provided with fun textbooks which are enjoyable to teach with! The books in K2 are filled with great ideas with activities and resources to help students develop academically!
It is great to see how well the students develop over the course of the school year! The students are very clever for their age, you are able to teach them more advanced topics which is very satisfying to see! 

I would recommend teaching at STIS to anyone who feels passionate about education, child development, and wants to make a positive difference in their students’ lives.