2018-2019 STIS CLASSES! 

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Grade 5 - The Orcas


Welcome to the Orca Class!  We are the fifth grade students at STIS.  Several of us are part of the original group of home school students that eventually led to the international school being started.  We've been here from the beginning!  

Our class is extremely talkative, inquisitive, and diligent.  We work hard every day.  We study English, Philosophy, Social Studies, History, Science, Math, Geography, Thai, and have Gym twice per week.  We love learning and make sure to have fun every day!

Despite our young age, we can handle pretty much anything.  We have learned to work together, support each other, and manage ourselves.  We can get a bit rowdy sometimes but we know how to help each other calm down quickly.  We have a limitless amount of energy and creativity and are ready to use it!




Hello everyone, we are the Zebra Class! We are in grade 4 here at STIS! In our class we love to talk about anything and everything and thrive on creativity. We enjoy group work, project based learning, science experiments, writing creative stories, and learning about things that are actually happening in our world today! We are a fun class with a lot of energy. We support each other and and help each other understand the material covered in class. In our class, we love to ask questions and believe that mistakes are learning opportunities.

In English, we are currently doing a grammar interactive notebook and covering the different parts of speech and building strong sentences in our writing. This year we used our writing skills to write scary stories that were many pages long and had spooky details. We also are getting very good at answering critical thinking reading response questions, and are learning how to extract details from reading. We enjoy discussing our reading and enjoy reading articles.

In Science, we love doing experiments, writing interactive notes, and doing different science activities that relate to the material. We really enjoy watching science documentaries and short science videos help us understand the material more. Our favorite science topics so far are conservation, the ocean floor, and black holes. We are also learning social studies, geography, creativity, art, Thai ethics, math, and Thai.

We are thinkers and creators, and love to learn new topics!


Grade 3 - The Pandas


Hello from the Pandas! The Pandas are a class of bright, curious individuals with some very big personalities. While we challenge each other with many new things to learn every day, we also make each other laugh very often. We spend lots of time focusing on our English speaking and writing abilities. As we prepare for Grade 4, we’re spending more time on writing academically and being able to present our ideas in an organized way. This year, we’ve made big improvements in our vocabulary and grammar. Of course, the Pandas also get a very well-rounded education consisting of Thai, science, math, geography and social studies. We celebrate both English and Thai; sometimes we even practice other languages like Spanish and Chinese! There’s never a dull moment with this class, and I’m thrilled to work with them.


Grade 2 - The Penguins


Greetings from Antarctica!  I'm the Emperor of the Penguins, Teacher Phil.  We may be a very small class but what we lack in numbers, we make up for in personality and brains!  In English class, we love to read and write stories about scary monsters, fantasy, or space travel.  In science class, we learn how to use what we see to make predictions and explain what happens in the world.  In social studies, we learn about great people and our communities.  In geography, we learn about different cultures and how to read maps.  We are a curious group of students who are always trying to learn something new.  We are also all very, very good friends.  We're more like a family than a classroom, actually! When we don't have school work to do, we like to play with toys, challenge each other to a game of chess, read, and learn other languages such as English, Korean, Swedish, and more.  Come by and visit us sometime!


Grade 1 - The Hamsters


The Hamster class is full of active, inquisitive and dynamic children.  They have grown together since pre-k.  They love doing inquiry science projects, especially ones that involve being outside.  When reading stories you will see them in a group, as doing things together with others is a core trait of these students.  They love playing math games!! If you hear loud cheering and excited voices it is most likely their competitive spirit during math competitions.  I always need to keep the art cabinet stocked as these little Hamsters use every free moment for drawing.  Social studies and geography are great ways for them to expand their knowledge about the world around them!  Based upon their questions I’m sure we have a few budding world travelers in class!  If you come to visit the Hamster classroom buckle up and get ready for a wild ride of unique thinking, high energy, and overall fun learning!


Kindergarten 3 - The Rabbits


We are the Rabbits! We are a mixture of inquisitive knowledge seekers, talkative story tellers, and shy artists. This year, we are working on reading and writing! We can read most 3 letter words, many common sight words, and write in complete sentences. We can even read a short story and tell you the character, setting, and events!

We also love Math, Science, and Geography class! We can add and subtract up to 10 and identify shapes with up to 6 sides. In Science, we’re learning all about plants and animals. Each of us planted sunflower seeds in the front garden at school and we watch our plants grow more and more every day! In Geography, we have learned about maps, how to read a compass, and the 7 continents.

Some of our interests include dinosaurs, My Little Pony, and drawing. We LOVE to draw story pictures and then share what we drew with the class. In Art class, we love to learn about famous artists like Pablo Picasso, Leonardo da Vinci, and Vincent Van Gogh! 

We love to learn! We love to have fun! And we love school!


Kindergarten 3 - The bears


Greetings from the Bears’ class! We are fun group that loves to sing and dance. We have an endless supply of energy and desire to learn. Currently, we have twenty students enrolled: 13 boys and 7 girls. We genuinely care about one another and show concern when someone is hurting or uncomfortable.  We are learning to read, write, and speak English. We are also developing foundational math skills, so that we can think critically and concretely. Finally, in science, we are learning about the world around us, the sun’s effect on Earth, living things, and what they need. We thrive with hands-on and dynamic learning. Our class is continuously learning, laughing, singing, and dancing.


Kindergarten 2 - The Kangaroos


Hello everyone! We’re the Kangaroos! We are the kindergarten 2 class at Surat Thani International school! Our favourite activities include singing, dancing, games, reading and art projects! We love to do hands on activities and learn through play! We love to speak English all the time and try our hardest every day! This year we have developed so much as a class and we are a very expressive group. We love to ask questions and express our feelings in group discussions! 

Every day we practice our phonics, handwriting, counting and drawing skills! We are now starting to read sentences on our own from the textbooks. Go Kangaroos! 


Kindergarten 1 - the dolphins


Hello! We are the K1 Dolphins class. We are quite the noisy bunch and we are not afraid to meet new people and make new friends. We love to sing songs, dance, play games and run around. We are always quick to help out friends and teachers when they need a hand. Most importantly we are an extremely curious bunch full of questions and not afraid to try new things.

We are big kids now and are becoming more and more independent. We are developing our motor skills and creativity through hands on learning in groups and on our own. We are learning letter and number recognition, phonics, conversational skills, counting, sorting and matching, and early writing skills.

We absolutely love to talk and are practicing using full sentences when speaking with our friends. We are a very outgoing class full of unique and wonderful personalities and we look forward to continuing our educational journey here at STIS.


kindergarten 1 - the starfish


We are the Starfish! A galaxy of creative, energetic, and unique 3 and 4 year old kids. We absolutely love to sing and dance, it’s our favorite thing. We also love to explore new things like yoga, how to write our names, and how to catch a ball. K1 is a big year for us as we learn how to do a lot of things on our own, without the teacher’s help. Our motto is “Yes we can!”, a phrase we like to say most days to remind us that even if something is hard, we are super stars and we can do it!    


Pre-Kindergarten - The Bumblebees


The Bumble Bees are the newest members of the STIS family. We have lots of energy, enthusiasm and giggles. We love to sing and dance and run around. Our favourite song is the ABC song and will sing it at any time of the day. The Bumble bees are learning new things everyday and picking up so much new language. We are very good at counting and our numbers. We are learning about playing nicely, acting and speaking respectfully and following the rules. We are playing lots of games and doing many activities that help us develop in lots of different ways. We love to play outside in the garden with the plants and flowers.

We are learning and growing up quickly in the Bumble Bees class. We are excited to be in school every day! 


Pre-Kindergarten - The Koalas


Welcome to the Koalas class, we’re a pre-kindergarten class here at STIS. We are an energetic fun loving group of students. Most of us are very excited to come to school in the morning to learn new things. We are learning about the alphabet, numbers, how to speak English and much more. Some of our favorite activities include singing songs, coloring and playing educational games with our friends. Although we can be quite rambunctious at times, we are improving every day at following directions, lining up, sharing and learning manners such as “please” and “thank you”.



STIS Class Photos from earlier years!