2017-2018 STIS CLASSES! 

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Grade 4 - The Orcas

Welcome to the Orca Class!  We are the fourth grade students at STIS.  Several of us are part of the original group of home school students that eventually led to the international school being started.  We've been here from the beginning!  

Our class is extremely talkative, inquisitive, and diligent.  We work hard every day.  We study English, Philosophy, Social Studies, History, Science, Math, Geography, Thai, and have Gym twice per week.  We love learning and make sure to have fun every day!

Despite our young age, we can handle pretty much anything.  We have learned to work together, support each other, and manage ourselves.  We can get a bit rowdy sometimes but we know how to help each other calm down quickly.  We have a limitless amount of energy and creativity and are ready to use it!




Hello everyone, we are the Zebra Class! We are in grade 3 here at STIS! In our class we love to talk about anything and everything and thrive on creativity. In English, we are currently working on writing multi-paragraph narrative, expository, and persuasive essays. We are also working on improving our reading comprehension skills, as well as building our vocabulary skills. In Science, we love doing experiments, writing interactive notes, and doing different science activities that relate to the material. We are also learning social studies, geography, creativity, art, Thai ethics, math, and Thai.

We are a fun class with a lot of energy. We love doing scavenger hunts, building things, writing creative stories, doing relay races, debating, and sharing ideas. We support each other and love teamwork. In our class, we love to ask questions and believe that mistakes are learning opportunities. We love coming to school every day and are doing a fantastic job this year.


Grade 2 - The Pandas


Welcome to the Panda class! The Pandas are an energetic and intelligent group.  Students get a well-rounded education with subject such as English, Thai, Geography, Science, Math and Art. In grade 2, we focus on reading and writing in English. The Panda class likes interactive activities. They enjoy being creative by drawing and writing stories.




Grade 1 - The Penguins


Welcome to the “Penguins” Grade 1 class at Surat Thani International School. We are a great group of 6-8 year olds who all bring different personalities to make up our wonderful class. This year we are continuing to learn math, science, and English and have added creative writing, geography, and art to our busy schedules. We love art and experimenting with different ways to be creative, both in art class and creative writing. We get really excited and engaged when we’re able to play games to help us learn our lessons. One of our favorite activities to do when we read our weekly stories is to have the teacher read the story while we “act out” the story as a group.

We’re learning how to brainstorm ideas together as a group and write longer stories. We’re being taught how to make a complete story that flows and makes sense. We’re able to determine the difference in short and long vowels and recognize when we hear each in words. Our weekly stories are getting longer and our post-reading assessments are teaching us about sequence of events, as well as cause and effect.

In science we’ve learned all about plants, animals, and their habitats. We were taught about different animal types and parts of plants and the different habitats they can survive in. We’ve learned about how the Earth changes and how we as people can protect the Earth.


Kindergarten 3 - The Hamsters


Welcome to the Hamster class! We are the K3 class at STIS, and a spirited group of students who love to learn! 

Our class loves to chat and discuss what we're learning. Now that we have mastered phonics, we are learning how to read sight words and CVC words. In Math, we are starting subtraction and learning to add bigger numbers! This year we've learned all about recycling and taking care of the Earth. We are starting to learn about the properties of matter, and are excited to see what we learn next! 

We're a very creative group that loves to draw and colour! We also love to stay active during the day and oftentimes will combine games where we can learn and move at the same time! We have limitless energy and love to use it! 


Kindergarten 2 - The Rabbits


We are the Rabbits! We are a mixture of inquisitive knowledge seekers, talkative story tellers, and shy artists. This year, we have worked hard on phonics and math! We can tell you letter sounds, give the first and last letters of most words, and we are even learning to add! We also have a strong interest in science, so we have explored magnet forces, shadows, plants, insects, and space!

Some of our interests include dinosaurs, My Little Pony, Ninjago, and drawing. We LOVE to draw story pictures and then share what we drew with the class. Even the shyest of our classmates proudly speak about their art work and create stories based on their drawings. 

We love role play and making stories. One of our favorite learning centers is working together in small groups to create a story. Some of our favorites have been about ninja sharks, mermaid princesses, and Teacher Kari Spinosaurus. We’re quite creative! 

We are continuing to work on putting the letter sounds we know together to make words. We already know a few letter blends like “-at” and “-an” words. We also have a sight word caterpillar that keeps growing with new words we can read!

We love to have fun! We love to learn! And we love school!


Kindergarten 2 - The bears


Hello everyone! We’re the Bears! We are one of the kindergarten 2 classes at Surat Thani International school! Our favourite activities include singing, dancing, games, reading and art projects! Our class is always kind to one another and have a very caring nature, we always work as a team! This year we have developed so much as a class and are an expressive group. We love to ask questions and express our feelings in group discussions! 

Every day we practice our phonics, handwriting, counting and drawing skills! We are now starting to read sentences on our own from the textbooks. Go bears!!


Kindergarten 1 - The Kangaroos


Hello! We are the K1 Kangaroo class at STIS! We are big kids now and can do everything on our own from handing out books to making our beds. We love to laugh and make jokes and show off everything that we have learned.

Just like other Kangaroos, we jump around all the time. We love to play games, sings songs, dance silly dances, run around, and move whenever we can. We are developing our motor skills and creativity through hands on learning in groups and on our own. We are learning letter and number recognition, phonics, conversational skills, counting, sorting and matching, and early writing skills.

We absolutely love to talk and we always speak English with our teachers. As our English ability improves, we are practicing speaking English with our friends as well in group activities and even outside of the classroom. We are a very outgoing class full of unique and wonderful personalities and, although we can be competitive, we are learning to work together, share, use polite language and be good friends to one another.

Whether it be singing songs, running group activities, or even teaching the class we love to take charge and lead whenever we can. We learn very quickly and are looking forward to learning so much more in our years to come at STIS!


Pre-Kindergarten - the dolphins


Hello! We are the Pre-K Dolphin class at STIS! We are currently the youngest class at STIS but we are definitely not the quietest. Our favourite things to do are singing, dancing, and touching anything we can get our hands on. We fall down and roll around all the time but are learning how sit nicely, form circles, and line up.

We love playing games that teach us about letters, numbers, phonetic sounds, colors, body parts, animals, and other basic English conversation elements. We are learning to play nicely with other students, use polite manners, and how to behave in a classroom setting.

We constantly have teachers coming to visit our classroom and we are not shy or afraid to talk to them and tell them what we have learned. We learn very quickly and are growing not just as students but also as individuals at STIS.


pre-kindergarten - the starfish


Hi!  We're the Starfish class, the newest group of students at STIS.  We just started at the beginning of January so we're still adjusting to coming to school every day.  Some of us have a few tears in the morning but we quickly feel better and have lots of fun playing with toys, singing songs, dancing, and reading books.  We're looking forward to learning a lot on our adventure at STIS! 




STIS Class Photos from earlier years!