2016-2017 STIS CLASSES! 

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Grade 3 - The Orcas

Welcome to the Orca Class!  We are the third grade students at STIS.  Several of us are part of the original group of homeschool students that eventually led to the international school being started.  We've been here from the beginning!  

Our class is extremely talkative, inquisitive, and diligent.  The English, Science, and Math materials we use are the same as those used by third grade students in America.  We work hard every day.  We learn English, Philosophy, Social Studies, and History with Teacher Peter; Science, Math, and Geography with Teacher Marcus; Thai with Teacher Nut; and Gym with Teacher Terrance.  We love learning and make sure to have fun every day!

Despite our young age, we can handle pretty much anything.  We have learned to work together, support each other, and manage ourselves.  We can get a bit rowdy sometimes but we know how to help each other calm down quickly.  We have a limitless amount of energy and creativity and are ready to use it!



In our Zebra English class we are very interested in learning different types of writing.  Currently we are constructing our poems in a poetry unit.  Our presentations consist of everything from haikus to fantasy fiction.  Many of our students prefer to work in groups to brainstorm ideas and construct multi-voiced stories to read to their classmates.               

The Zebras love to read.  We enjoy going to the library every week to select a new book.  Our book reports get quite exciting when the Zebras act out chapters of their favorite tales. 

Along with our reading, the Zebras are studying different types of paragraph formation and essay types.  They are very excited to begin writing persuasive essays this year to really make their arguments stick. One activity we hope to accomplish in the upcoming year is a debate class.   This year really looks promising for the Zebras’ English skills.


Grade 1 - The Pandas

Hi!  We're the Pandas and we know that we're super awesome!  We're a class of 17 confident, creative, friendly, and personality-filled 7 year olds and we rock!  We love to speak English every day; chatting, reading, writing, and having fun!  Despite being one of the larger classes, we all get along really well and support each other.  We work hard so it's important to have a fun, positive environment, which our wonderful teacher really makes happen!  Every day we study vocabulary, spelling, reading, writing, phonics, grammar, sentence structure, and much more!  We also have Math, Science, and Thai every day, as well as Gym twice a week.  We're really moving fast in Grade 1 now and looking ahead to Grade 2.  We move forward every day and learn so much so fast!  We're really smart and our teacher is a super teacher!  Don't be intimidated, though, we're also really friendly.  So stop by sometime and say "Hi!"  Hope to see you soon!


Kindergarten 3 - The Penguins

“Hello!” from the Penguins! We are the K3 class at STIS and we are a fun and silly bunch of students. We love to learn and we love to play! Our favorite thing to do is play games while we learn new things. We pick up new information quickly and are quick to apply our new knowledge even without our teacher’s prompting. Right now, we are learning how to read CVC words and sight words. We are also working on our writing skills. We can write full sentences by ourselves! In math, we are learning how to compare the size of items and how to measure items. In science, we are learning about how to take care of our Earth by recycling. We LOVE science!

We also love to listen to all kinds of stories our teacher reads us. We always ask a lot of questions about the story and the characters. We are a very curious and smart group of students. We can name the title, author, characters, setting, and plot in a story. Our reading comprehension is getting stronger every day! We can’t wait to see what we learn next!


Kindergarten 2 - The Hamsters

We are the Hamster class! We are the K2 class at STIS. We are an affectionate and energetic bunch of kids who love learning together! This year we are working on our early literacy skills by solidifying our recognition of English phonetic sounds and isolating the letter sounds in CVC words. We practice our handwriting, drawing, and cutting skills on a daily basis. In Math, we can use one to one correspondence to count objects, recognise two-dimensional shapes, and are beginning to learn simple addition and subtraction. We develope our conversation skills by speaking English throughout the day and engaging in class discussions. We are a very bright group of kids who pick up new material quickly!

In addition to being extraordinary learners, the Hamster class loves to be active throughout the day. We like to sing songs and change the words to make them our own. We read stories on a daily basis, then take turns acting them out. During gym time we race, have relays, and play the freeze game. Often, we get creative making crafts and drawings. We are very spirited and are excited continue learning and having fun together!


Kindergarten 1 - The Rabbits

Hello from the K1 Rabbits class at STIS! We are a highly-energetic and curious group who have moved on from the early days of Pre-K to wearing uniforms like the big kids!

We have already made so much progress in a year-and-a-half, and we are rapidly building on all of our hard work! We are continuing to learn skills that will help us excel in school in the future, such as moving on from letter and number recognition to phonics and counting, sorting and matching, early writing skills starting with tracing and eventually writing letters (like our names to start!), expressing ourselves even more in English by really building our vocabulary, and so much more! 

Classroom instruction is given in English, in a comfortable and fun environment, so we naturally improve our listening comprehension and learn vocabulary through lots of repetition and interaction with the teacher. We are amazing learners and pick things up so quickly at our age! All of us can easily follow along with the daily routine in English and have lots to say during discussions as well!

Like last year, we love to sing songs, dance, read stories, and do puzzles and art projects, all of which help us to learn English while having fun together! This year, because we can express ourselves verbally so much more, we also LOVE to tell stories to each other and the teacher! We’re very expressive.

We are also given time to explore and use our imagination during open-play with each other on the mat. We are working on social skills this year as we start to play more with our peers, instead of independently.

Over the year, we will work on developing fine and gross motor skills, letter and number recognition and phonics, conversational skills, following directions, and respecting each other, the school environment and our teachers.

We are doing more work in our workbooks as well, which helps us to practice skills we’ll need in the future. Last year, when we first came, sitting at the table was a challenge, but now we sit and focus each day on our tasks. Good job, us!

I am unbelievably proud of each and every one of the Rabbits and am having so much fun being a part of their growth! As most of us teachers at STIS say about our classes, they really feel like ‘my kids’ and I honestly couldn’t imagine life without them!


Kindergarten 1 - The bears

This year the Cubs are the Kindergarten 1B class at STIS. Our class is a very loving, goofy, and active class that loves to play games, sing songs, dance, and do art projects.  They are always willing to help each other out and are very understanding of each other and their differences. 

This year the Cubs have been working with the Hats on Top 1 and are starting to work with the Hats on Top 2 books. These books cover basic conversational English, reading, writing, math, science, and social studies. They are currently focusing on shapes, colors, numbers knowledge and recognition (1-20), the alphabet (visual, verbal, and audible recognition), and general day to day questions/responses (How are you?, What is this/that?, How many? What do you see?, etc).  As they progress we will continue to expand on these topics all in preparation for K2. It’s been incredible to see how much they’ve all improved in such little time and to watch each of their personalities develop, I’m very excited to see what they can achieve and I know we're going to have an amazing rest of the year.


Pre-Kindergarten - The Kangaroos

Without further ado, we are the Kangaroos and we are the current Pre-K class. We love to sing all the songs we know and are constantly looking for new things to get our hands on. The Kangaroos spend most of their days progressing through games and activities that help them with things like letter recognition, phonetic sounds, numbers, colors, body parts, animals, and other basic English conversation elements. We also take a lot of time to focus on classroom behavior by teaching polite things to say and do. We learn how to ask for help and how to share with our friends while still having fun and playing with all our classmates. Though we are the youngest we are never excluded from any of the school activities and I think the kids really enjoy the time they get with the older kids in the school. It is my pleasure to get to teach this young group of shining learners and help with their rapid development. I look forward to seeing them continue on in their young and prosperous journey here at STIS!  


STIS Class Photos from earlier years! 

Grade 1 - The Orcas

Grade 1 - The Orcas

Kindergarten 3 - The Zebras

Kindergarten 3 - The Zebras

Kindergarten 2 - The Pandas

Kindergarten 2 - The Pandas

Kindergarten 1 - The Penguins

Kindergarten 1 - The Penguins


Kindergarten 1 - The Hamsters

Kindergarten 1 - The Hamsters

Mommy & Me - The Rabbits

Mommy & Me - The Rabbits