Surat Thani International School


Creativity, Confidence, Commitment, Community

Surat Thani International School (STIS) is proud to be the only international school in the city of Surat Thani.  Founded in 2014, we aim to be an innovative, productive, and rewarding high quality academic institution for our students, parents, and teachers that provides the best education possible for all students through modern facilities, advanced educational methods, and first-class educational materials.  Our vision is to create an international school in Surat Thani that incorporates Thai culture and language.  STIS is deeply committed to making sure our students love learning and are prepared for the future.

Vision Statement:

Engaged learners who are prepared for a globalized world through mindfulness, academic excellence, and a supportive environment


Empower students to become happy, creative, critical thinkers, and problem solvers who will have a positive impact on their community and the world

STIS Core Values:

Creativity - innovation and critical thinking.

Confidence - in our abilities, our journey for knowledge, and each other.

Commitment - to learning, ourselves, and each other.

Community - unique individuals joining together for a common purpose.

STIS Guiding Principles:

Sincerity – compassion, honesty, commitment

Thai Culture – respect, loyalty, community

Innovation – creativity, vision, development

Success – Confidence, execution, achievement


Curriculum Overview: We employ the California Department of Education State Curriculum as a base for all lessons (except Thai language).

The California State Curriculum encompasses the U.S. Common Core State Standards for education to provide clear objectives for learning that will help them prepare to enter places of learning where English is the language of instruction.

Our integrated, interdisciplinary curriculum works to meet rigorous international standards and consists of learning projects and assessments that integrate a comprehensive framework while addressing the diverse and social context of our school and the world at large.


Kindergarten Program: Our Kindergarten program (PreK through K3) aims to immerse the student in English.  Students will learn English in a natural way, identical to that of a native English speaker, and will subsequently have a much higher level of fluency that is difficult to attain later on.  The core curriculum focuses on English Language Arts, Mathematics and Science.  Additionally, we focus on developing the student’s creative and cognitive abilities.  Physical Education, Arts, and Thai Language are also included.  The curriculum provides children with a student-centered learning environment that encourages and supports their growth in the following objectives.



·  To succeed in an environment where English is the primary language of instruction.

·  To encourage language development (English and Thai) through balanced literacy instruction with the main emphasis on acquiring English proficiency.

·  To instill confidence in themselves, as well as in their knowledge, creativity, culture and community.

·  To develop a life-long commitment to learning.

·  To develop physical abilities, including gross and fine motor skills.


Primary School: Our Primary School program builds on the advances made by students in our Kindergarten Program.  Students continue to be immersed and learn with the same levels of progress as native English speakers in increasing standards and student literacy.  The core subjects are Math, Science, English Language Arts, and Social Studies.  Additionally, Art, Geography, and Physical Education are elements of the curriculum.  Students also study Thai Language, Culture, History, and Ethics at least 5 hours per week.



·   To develop English Language skills in listening, reading, writing and speaking.

·   To instill confidence in themselves, as well as in their knowledge, creativity, culture, and community.

·   To develop a life-long commitment to learning.

·   To develop personal and civic responsibility and enhancing environmental awareness.

·   To encourage independent, innovative thinking that can be applied to personal, local, and global issues.

·   To develop and use effective research skills.

School Year: Our academic year is broken into two semesters. 

First Semester: Early August to Middle December

Second Semester: Early January to Late May


Summer School: STIS requires all students except pre-kindergarten to enroll in our summer school program for two weeks during each summer break.  This course is to review the material learned in the previous school year and to prepare students for the English levels required in the upcoming school year.  It is also an opportunity for students to get to know any new teachers in a more relaxed setting.  Summer school is from early to mid-July.



Pre-Kindergarten – Kindergarten 2

Hats on Top

(Macmillan Young Learners)

Kindergarten 3 – Grade 6

            Math: Everyday Math

            Science: Science, A Closer Look

            English: Reading Wonders

(McGraw-Hill Education)

Max Class size:         20 students



Pre-Kindergarten       Ages 2-3

Kindergarten 1           Ages 3-4

Kindergarten 2           Ages 4-5

Kindergarten 3           Ages 5-6

First Grade                 Ages 6-7

Second Grade            Ages 7-8

Third Grade               Ages 8-9

Fourth Grade              Ages 9-10

Fifth Grade                 Ages 10-11

Sixth Grade                Ages 11-12


School Day:               Monday – Friday       

8:00 – 16:00

Kindergarten 3 and Above

8:00 – 8:20                  Morning Assembly

8:20 – 11:30                 Study

11:30 – 12:30              Lunch & Meditation

12:15 – 16:00              Study

16:00 – 17:00               Afterschool Activities


Kindergarten 1 & 2

8:00 – 8:20                  Morning Assembly

8:20 – 11:00                 Study

11:00 – 11:30               Lunch

11:30 – 12:00               Study

12:00 – 13:30               Nap

13:30 – 15:30               Study



8:00 – 8:20                  Morning Assembly

8:20 – 10:40                Study

10:40 – 11:00               Lunch

11:00 – 13:30               Nap

13:30 – 15:15               Study



Afterschool Activities:  STIS provides a wide range of afterschool activities, ranging from sports to hobbies to educational activities.  These activities will include Soccer, Lego, Muay Thai, Art, and Writing.  More afterschool activities are added each year.  These activities are not included in the overall school fee.


Morning Activities: STIS provides brief morning clubs for interested students twice per week.  These are Public Speaking Club and Meditation Club.  More clubs will be added each year.  These activities are free for all students.


STIS Parent Committee:  The STIS Parent Committee is a key element to the school’s success.  The Committee meets with school management throughout the semester to discuss, develop, and promote changes and improvements to the school’s programs and policies. 


Parent Communication:

STIS welcomes and encourages communication from all parents for the benefit and improvement of the students’ education.  STIS uses the following methods to communication and update parents regarding their student:

Line messenger groups – STIS has an official Line messenger group which is supervised by STIS administration.

Seesaw Application – each student has their own online journal of classroom photos, videos, and examples of work.

Gradelink Application – each parent can access their student’s grades at any time and receive real-time updates regarding their in-class work.

Meetings – STIS teachers meet with parents every month during the first semester to provide frequent updates regarding the students’ progress in class.


Special Events:

Each year, STIS is proud to organize and host special events for our parents and students.  These include:

Sports Day – Parents are invited to take part in organized sporting events with students.

Academic Expo – Parents are invited to visit each classroom from K3-Grade 6 to view and ask questions about each student’s prepared project.

Parent Festival – On the last day of classes, parents are invited to prepare food and activity booths for the students to enjoy.

International Day – Our Non-Thai parents are invited to the school to share information about their home country and culture.

Thai Day – Our Thai parents are invited to the school to represent the 6 regions of Thailand and share information and culture.



STIS is proud to be comprised of a diverse mix of nationalities.  This includes students from Thailand, USA, India, Taiwan, Germany, Nepal, Korea, Pakistan, and Sweden.  Our teachers and staff include individuals from Thailand, USA, Canada, England, and Myanmar. 


Outstanding School Features:

School Library – STIS is proud to have the only well-stocked and fully functioning English literature library in Surat Thani.  Books are available throughout the school day for students in Grades K3 and up.  Students in Grade 2 and up are allowed to borrow books to take home. 

School Garden and Class Vegetable Garden – STIS has a landscaped and well-kept school garden in which the students can play, relax, study, or meditate.  Additionally, within the school garden each primary grade class is given its own area for planting and growing vegetables.

Meditation Retreats – STIS is proud to work with local Buddhist and meditation organizations to offer full-day meditation retreats to students and adults from around the Surat Thani area and beyond several times per year. STIS is recognized as the Center for Vipassana Meditation in Surat Thani.

MAP Assessment – STIS is proud to be the only school in the Surat Thani province to regularly conduct MAP Growth testing to measure our students progress in Math and English and to compare their results with students from around the world.

Edmentum Exact Path – STIS is proud to be the only school in Surat Thani that incorporates new, innovative educational platforms, such as Edmentum Exact Path, into each student’s academic experience. Exact Path uses MAP Growth Assessment scores to create an individualized online learning path for each student.